Anticipating Sunday, December 20th

This Fourth Sunday of AdventRose on December 16 we’ll have lots of music and congregational song.  We’ll put a new twist on the traditional Lessons and Carols service. Our focus will be the Revised Common Lectionary Gospel Passage of Mary’s Song of Praise (Luke 1:46-55) so we will intersperse our carols with four contemporary poems about the Magnificat. We will also offer gratitude and farewell to our long-time Christian Educator, Conner Evans and her family.

We might not consider ourselves the proud or the powerful or the rich of whom Mary sings. Yet in the global community it would be hard not to see ourselves exactly as such. Still, her praise is also Good News for us — the proud, the powerful, the rich.  When our thoughts are scattered in our hearts we might just become aware of a centrifugal Holy delight  surging into the vacuum. When our private imperial construction projects are dethroned, we might see ourselves as magnificently tapped into Mightiness connecting us to all things. When we are sent empty away, the hollowing out experiences might just allow us to savor the morsels which come to us wholly as grace rather than by our merit or planning or striving .

What embryonic pulse beats within you, ready to upend, scatter the old priorities, and cause you to fall in love like you never quite have before?