Anticipating Sunday, January 17th

We will hold an extended period of stillness in worship this Sunday and share in communion and healing prayers with anointing oil. Our focus scripture this week is the story of the wedding feast at Cana (John 2: 1-11). 

What would it be like to hold the phrase from our story “filled to the brim” in our heart and mind, sort of as a mantra, as we move about our day? Long line at the DMV?  “Filled to the brim.” Less money in the checking account than we thought? “Filled to the brim.” A child who’s melting down before our eyes upon arriving home from school? “Filled to the brim.”

It’s not that so many in our world don’t experience heart-breaking scarcity. It’s not that we ourselves don’t fundamentally have what we need sometimes. It’s just that alongside that material, truth is another: In every way possible, Holy Wine Steward is filling us to the brim with sacred breath, with every spiritual resource we need to participate in and enact the Household of Shalom.

Try it today and see what might shift within you: “Filled to the brim.”