Anticipating Sunday, February 7th

As we move to the end of the Season after Epiphany, here are some of the Parkway light longings that have been  twinkling overhead throughout this season in our narthex:

  • Creator, enliven me with a portion of your creative Spirit, that I may be a solution in the making and not a problem to undo;
  • Civility in this election year;
  • Gentleness;
  • May peace fill our minds, hearts, and journeys
  • Prayer to find God’s will for my life in terms of vocation;
  • Less judgement; more gratitude;
  • Prayers for peace, just wages, tolerance, and patience;
  • Acquire respect, love, and patience for each other

This Sunday, Mardi Gras Sunday, we’ll have jazz guitar, sax, piano.  The story is the Transfiguration (Luke 9:  28-36) but also the story of the only son with a convulsing spirit whom Jesus heals after coming off the mountain.

labyrinth walkJesus took three of his community up to the mountain to pray.  No bones about it: prayer is work, hard work … sometimes frightening work… of listening to the truth about ourselves, even truth of our own Beloved-ness.   Richard Rohr wrote in his blog last week,  when asked “How long should I pray?” he’s said, “As long as it takes you to get to yes…If your heart and emotions are still saying No! to the moment in front of you, you’re not ready.”

So prayer prepares us to see and hear the beauty as well as the suffering in the world.  Mountain light prepares us to hear the convulsing cries in the valley.  Overshadowing cloud prepares us for sacred attention in the murk and mundane.  Stilling the cacophony of our own ego chorus prepares us for the whispers of wonder tucked inside the world’s noise.