Staff and Church Leadership


Craig Schaub Craig Schaub, Minister
Craig has dedicated much of his congregational ministry to urban churches. He has training in spiritual direction and leading contemplative groups as well as experience in broad-based community organizing, economic justice efforts, and environmental stewardship.
Director of Educational Ministry

Jackie Mock Jackie Mock, Administrative Assistant
Jackie has a strong background in business administration and leadership with degrees in both Philosophy and World Religions. She also has training in non-profit management and disability employment services and coaching.
Craig Collins Craig Collins, Choir Director
Sacred music and worship are dear to Craig’s heart and he is as passionate about them as he is about helping singers develop their God-given talent and abilities. He has many years’ experience as a voice teacher and singing in and directing church choirs. Craig has a B.A. in Music Education and Church Music from Pfeiffer University and a Master of Sacred Music from Southern Methodist University/Perkins School of Theology.
Jan Sawyer Jan Sawyer, Pianist
Jan received her Master of Music from Texas Christian University and taught piano on the college level for a number of years. Her true calling has been spent as an advocate for individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease and other memory challenges. She has been Parkway’s pianist and choir accompanist for over 17 years.
 Liam Hooper Liam Hooper, Minister of Welcome and Beyond
(Ministry housed at Parkway)
Liam received his Master of Divinity from Wake Forest School of Divinity in 2015. He has discerned a call to be deeply rooted in community – to work for the building of beloved community with transgender and LGB persons within the church and beyond. Liam centers ministry around welcome, reconciliation and spiritual formation, justice and intersectionality work, and interfaith outreach, as well as consultation and theological reflection with faith groups seeking to welcome and integrate LGBT persons into their communities of faith.

Church Leadership

Any questions or comments may be directed to the appropriate person via Contact Us.

2017 Council
President: Marlin Yoder
Vice President: Ralph Peeples
Secretary: Sandy Aarn
Treasurer: Joni Yoder
Financial Secretary: Robert Reister
Collections Assistant: Carol Whitney
Finance Committee Chair: John Brais
Members-at-large: Bill Donohue, Andy Hagler, Peggy Matthews

Community Engagement Team: Karin Binkley, Ken Boaz
Finance Committee: Barb Nicklas, Chair
Nurture Committee: Ann McLain, Communication Liaison
Property Committee: John Brais, Chair
Worship & Education Committee:  Tim Binkley, Chair

Standing Committees and Other Leadership (not on Council)
Nominating Committee: Henrietta Fulton, Chair
Pastoral Relations Committee: Anne Herndon, Chair
Personnel Committee: Judy Aanstad, Chair
Memorial Service Coordinator: Anne Herndon
Neighborhood Nurture Network Coordinators: Margaret Morris, Janice Nelligan, Amy Wright
Stewardship Team: Mark Brady, Margaret Morris
Delegates to Conference: Nan Parrish, Chere Schatz
Website/Facebook Administrator: Pat Eisenach

The Nurture Committee

  • Coordinates after church fellowship
  • Organizes monthly after church potlucks
  • Hosts Inquirers Luncheon for church visitors
  • Plans yearly special events
  • Provides gifts of local honey for first time visitors
  • Creates name tags for Sunday morning
  • Maintains the church kitchen cleaning and fellowship supplies
  • Coordinates Neighborhood Nurture Network support system

The Neighborhood Nurture Network helps provide nurture and support to our church community. Our congregation is divided into three neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has a leader whose responsibilities include being in touch with their neighborhood and listening for needs. As needs occur, the neighborhood leader elicits support from the congregation. Margaret Morris, Janice Nelligan and Amy Wright are the NNN leaders.