Greetings Parkway Family! A Message from Rebecca Reel

My Parkway Family! If all goes as planned, I’m going back across the pond! I’ve accepted a teaching position in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I’ll be teaching 7th and 8th grade English at a school that serves local Uzbek children but with an international staff. Like anything, it’s got some pros and cons, but I’m very excited for the opportunity for another adventure.
I appreciate all well-wishes and prayers for health, safety, clarity of thought, resourcefulness, adaptability, companionship, problem solving ability, and whatever else I need to be successful and happy.
If you are interested in helping me with logistical support, I would be extremely grateful. I am happy for any previous helpers to help again or happy for any new helpers! Here is a working list of what I need help with:
  • Housing from approximately July 15th-July 25th. AND August 14th-August 24th. (and some next summer) Prefer no animals or at least an animal free bedroom
  • Someone’s address to use with light mail monitoring- I get very little snail mail.
  • Airport Transport- Most likely out of Durham in late August. (If the flight is at a strange time, I get a hotel by the airport so no one has to drive me at inconvenient times)
  • Overflow Storage- Some items won’t fit in the storage unit if someone has a suitable place for 2-3 storage containers OR a bicycle OR a queen mattress- feel free to use it! Can be split over several people.
  • Babysitter for my car (I think I already have this arranged)
The best way to contact me is to text me and then we can arrange a phone call OR Facebook Messenger.