Message from Personnel Committee

Mindful of our status as a congregational community, we, the Personnel Committee, seek to remind all of us of our responsibility to consider what committee or team within the church community is caring for a specific concern any of us may have. While our minister is responsible for our overall welfare, many day-to-day activities and duties fall to the care of those within the congregation. We ask that when you have a particular concern, you consider which committee or team might be appropriate to address that concern and communicate with either the chair or a member of the relevant group. For example, questions or comments about hymns go to Worship and Education, concern about upkeep of the church building or grounds goes to Property, awareness of a family in need of a meal goes to Nurture.
Our goal is both to preserve our minister’s time and energy for his primary functions and to support increased awareness and involvement of all of us in maintaining our church community.
Thank you,
Michael Lange (Chair), Anne Herndon, Sean Nelligan