Parkway UCC -11am Worship Service- March 19, 2023- Fourth Sunday of Lent

4th Sunday of Lent- Parkway UCC- 11am Worship Service

The focus touchstone this week was: “Speak your truth in ways that respect other people’s truth. Our views of reality may differ, but speaking one’s truth in a circle of trust does not mean interpreting, correcting or debating what others say. Speak from your center to the center of the circle, using “I” statements, trusting people to do their own sifting and winnowing.” Rev. Michelle Johnson offered the message.

Directly following the worship service there was a brief congregational meeting and vote to extend a formal call to Rev. Johnson to be Parkway UCC’s part-time Associate Pastor.

PSA: No copyrights are owned by the church for the music used for this service- Only used for educational, religious study and non-profit use.