Sunday, June 11, 2023 – Parkway UCC Worship Service

This week we honored those in our community who are 85 years of age or older, including but not limited to Barbara B., Pat V.C., Dolores K., Peggy T., Shirley N., Henrietta F., Anne M., and Karl H. Several can only be with us in worship next Sunday, but we will seek to remember all. Our focus scripture is Genesis 12: 1-9 about the new life vocation of Abram and Sarai later in life and the way they make altars at each stage of their journey. We will receive music from Genie C. and the Song Team this Sunday. After worship, the Justice Team and Nurture met. We were asked to consider the question “What are the ways you make spiritual altars — either physically or in memory and prayer — to enhance awareness of God’s accompaniment of you?” Our summer study and worship series on Table Fellowship begins next week. One of the key practices to building a healthy faith community is that of table fellowship, taken directly from the strategy of Jesus of Nazareth to gather all kinds of people at table to build trust, teach, and send forth for healing. The early church continued this as a signature way of being. Especially passages in Luke and Acts offer us details on this practice.

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