June 18, 2023 – 11am -Worship Service – Parkway UCC

We worshipped with the start of our Table Fellowship series, reading the story of Abraham and Sarah offering hospitality to strangers at the terebinths of Mamre and encountering the Holy in Genesis 18: 1-15. Music was provided by the PUCC choir and Grant W. We continued to honor those in our community that are 85 years of age and older.

Questions discussed: – When you think about table fellowship as the “first leap from animality to humanity” in human evolution — that people gathered food to eat together — what is sparked within you? – What are the times and places you set aside in life for solidarity, cooperation, and relationship at table? – How have you encountered the sacred around shared food? – When has the question “Is anything too extraordinary for God?” been alive for you?

PSA Note: The church owns no copyrights to the music used during services. Music is solely used for nonprofit religious experiences shared and educational purposes.