Environmental Justice

Environmental Team

Parkway currently seeks to deepen our relationship with the more-than- human community and engage in actions in response to the environmental crisis in the following ways:

  • Auditing and Conserving Resources: striving toward zero-waste by avoiding paper products for events, making available an active composting site for community members, capturing water off of the church building’s roof, and developing an edible landscape and native pollinator garden, etc.;
  • Awareness and Personal Action: A Sunday morning weekly group looking at the Drawdown strategies to address the climate crisis;
  • Seeking to implement the principles of People Care – Earth Care – Fair Share in all of our ministries, including development of a forest garden in one portion of the church’s lot;
  • Rituals: worship, retreats, practices which connect us more deeply to our biome and the cycles of the year as well as tending our gratitude, grief, and hope.
  • Advocacy: working alongside other organizations, locally and nationally, to take action from our faith values into the intersection of racial, food, health care, economic, and environmental justice





How Can You “Fast” From Plastic?
You might switch to bar soap for example or get your laundry and dishwashing soap from Dropps.com or Tru Earth, a similar company that doesn’t use plastic. You might make your own cleaners and re-use plastic spray bottles. Have you purchase a water bottle to refill? You can also get environmentally friendly dog waste bags from Costco or Harris Teeter. You can recycle bread bags, and toilet paper packaging and similar product wrappings when you recycle plastic bags.
If you haven’t seen The Story of Plastic on You Tube, there are 2 great films.
One is a full-length documentary, and the other is an animated short.