Enhance Parkway FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to pledge to the campaign, but pay over three years. How does that work?
Terrific! We’re hoping every member of Parkway is willing to pledge at least their current level of giving — ideally, people paying over time will pledge even more. So let’s say you’re presently giving $1,500 a year ($125/month) to Parkway’s ministry. If you were to pledge $3,000 to the campaign and pay over three years, you would be giving an extra $1,000 a year for the next three years in addition to your regular gift. In other words, you would give another $83/month and designate that additional gift to the Enhance Parkway campaign.

When may I begin fulfilling my pledge?
Today would be good! The earlier people make their gifts, the more cash we’ll have on hand to cover the renovation costs, and the less money we’ll need to borrow. You’re welcome to fulfill your pledge with a single check, with your year-end bonus, with a gift of stock, or with a monthly gift over the timeframe of your choice. Your commitment to Parkway ensures we can continue to make a difference in our community and reach people with God’s love.

May I make a pledge online?
Yes! Click here to use our online pledge card.

What is the timeline to complete each project?
Many of us can’t wait for our favorite improvement project to be completed — so instead of playing favorites, we’re going to begin the work on our various projects at the same time. We’ll have just one period of messiness, and one big celebration of completion. Once the campaign is completed in mid-September, we’ll move into implementation with a goal of finishing everything by the holiday season.

Parkway will be depending on “donated labor” to complete the projects envisioned by the campaign. How will that work?
We have a number of skilled people at Parkway, and several have volunteered to contribute their labor to our projects where appropriate. For instance, some have expressed their willingness to tear out fixtures, make small repairs and/or tote materials to support the work of our paid experts and engineers. While we have identified paid professionals who will perform the critical work, volunteer manual laborers will be welcome.

Will we be renting our new-and-improved facility to the community during the week?
Yes! We already have several groups that enjoy using our building, and we expect Parkway to become an even more appealing venue when we’ve completed our enhancements.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Feel free to talk to Campaign Team Leaders Bill Donohue or Margaret Morris, or to Council President Marlin Yoder. You can also click here to send an email that will be directed to the right person.