Staff and Church Leadership



Craig Schaub Craig Schaub, Minister
Craig has dedicated much of his congregational ministry to urban churches. He has training in spiritual direction and leading contemplative groups as well as experience in broad-based community organizing, economic justice efforts, and environmental stewardship.
Rev. Michelle K. Johnson, Adult Spiritual Formation Staff

Michelle ministers with a chaplain’s heart. While serving Parkway UCC as Associate Minister of Spiritual Wellness and Formation, she is also a hospital chaplain who has completed Clinical Pastoral Education. Her life’s calling is to encourage people in nurturing their beliefs and values with compassion as they take shape through the influence of relationships, events, and personal experiences.
Ann Miller Owens, Administrative Assistant  & Website/Facebook Administrator

Ann comes to us with a wealth of experience in the corporate and nonprofit worlds. She brings  administrative  knowledge, office manager experience and social media administration  to Parkway United Church of Christ. Her office hours are Tuesday’s-Thursday’s-Friday’s, 9 am – 2 pm.

Musical Director, Anna Kamgaing

Anna has over 20 years of experience as both pianist and music director for a variety of churches and schools in the United States and abroad. As a lifelong musician, she has participated in a diverse range of musical traditions and encourages musicians to continually grow outside of their comfort zone.



Church Intern, Aster Kamgaing


Aster is a church intern. She streams the sermons, taking care of the audio/visuals in services to ensure everyone can be seen and heard. Aster enjoys the atmosphere of the church and all the lovely people who attend (whether in person, or virtually).


Church Leadership

Any questions or comments may be directed to the appropriate person via Contact Us.

2023 Council
President: Barb Nicklas
Vice President: Kay Woods
Secretary: Margaret Norris
Treasurer: Joni Yoder
Finance Committee Chair: Joni Yoder
Financial Secretary: Jim Maddrey (contributions)
At Large: Adelaide Beeker, Nancy Vargas, Diane Stallings, Ken Vanhoy


Finance- Joni Yoder (chair),  John Brais, Jim Maddrey
Stewardship- Al Bryant, Rebecca Reel, David Scruggs, Nancy Vargas

Property- Visioning and Management  Grant Wright (chair), Members: Marlin Yoder, Jim Ward, Steve Schwartz, Tim Binkley, Dana Hall , David Scruggs, Beth Bailey

Nurture- Janice Nelligan (chair)  Members:   Diane Stallings, Pat Van Cleve, Kay Woods, Kate Mewhinney, Sean Nelligan, Francis Demby, Genie Carter, Donna Hallsten, Jan Adams, Amy Wright

Worship and Education- Sterling Garris (chair),  Members: Tim Binkley (Liaison on environmental justice), Robert Peterson, Judy Sutherin, Beth Bailey, Karl Hallsten

Standing Committees (not on council) and Other Teams/Delegates
Pastoral Relations- Stephen Boyd (chair), Lisa Wishon, Bill Donohue, Jim and Mary Maddrey

Pastoral Relations Committee for Rev. Michelle Johnson – Aubry Koehler, Nancy Vargas Karin Binkley

Personnel- Michael Lange (chair), Anne Herndon, Sean Nelligan
Nominating- Judy Aanstad (chair), Ana Tampana, Larry Stallings


Community Engagement- Jon Sundell,  Sara Lu Bradley, Roseanne L’Esperance,  Ann McLain, Vicki Schwartz

Justice Team- Ana Tampanna, Faith Crosby,  Deborah Woolard, Bill Donohue,  Teri Nelson, Jan Adams

IAF Focus: Karin Binkley, Steve Boyd

WISE Team: Andy Hagler. Adelaide Beeker, Peggy Matthews, China Evans McCall, Sean Nelligan, Rev. Michelle Johnson, Sara Lu Bradley

Welcoming- Greeter Guild (formerly Sanctuary Guild) Chair: Judy Sutherin; Members: Michael Lange and Craig Plummer, Amy Wright, Vicki Schwartz, Ken Vannoy, Sterling Garris

Western Conference Delegate & Southern Conference Delegate- Peggy Matthews

The Nurture Committee

  • Coordinates after church fellowship
  • Organizes monthly after church potlucks
  • Hosts Inquirers Luncheon for church visitors
  • Plans yearly special events
  • Provides gifts of local honey for first time visitors
  • Creates name tags for Sunday morning
  • Maintains the church kitchen cleaning and fellowship supplies
  • Coordinates Neighborhood Nurture Network support system

The Neighborhood Nurture Network helps provide nurture and support to our church community. Our congregation is divided into three neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has a leader whose responsibilities include being in touch with their neighborhood and listening for needs. As needs occur, the neighborhood leader elicits support from the congregation. Janice Nelligan is the Neighborhood Nurture Network coordinator.