Worship Services Ahead for August

Please come and join us in our Worship Services ahead this month. We look forward to having you with us in person, or online.

Sunday, August 14, Our Second Sunday Worship focus will be on the theme of an emergent Christ. We prepare by reading the piece Spirit Christology by Diamuid O’Murchu from the book In the Beginning Was the Spirit. We will consider the concept of Christ much broader than the incarnation with Jesus of Nazareth, reading from Colossian 1: 15-20 in worship.

Sunday, August 21: We prepare by reading from Jon Sobrino’s “The Death of Jesus: The Crucified God” from Jesus the Liberator. Our Bible focus is Mark’s cross story with special emphasis on Mark 15:39 when the centurion says, “Truly this man was God’s son!” In worship, we will covenant for visioning work and bless our team guiding that work during the sabbatical period. Come meet and welcome our Intentional Interim Minister.

Sunday, August 28: Rev. Dr. Robert Peterson will preach on Jesus as the Healer.